Woman in Black Competition:We have a winner!

A massive congratulations to Jesus Manuel Badiola Garcia for his winning review on ‘The Shining’ (featured below) and getting his hands on the Woman in Black merchandise.


Winning Review: The Shining 

Words by Jesus Manuel Badiola Garcia 

To this day, every time I’m in a hotel corridor alone I grow achingly concerned that at the turn of a corridor will be a set of identical twins; young girls with straight hair holding hands and my gaze with their presence. Only a movie as iconic and traumatic as Stanley Kubrick’s 1977 masterpiece ‘The Shining’ could have such a stimulating effect years after first seeing the corridor fill with a wave of blood. A psychological thriller at heart ‘The Shining’ excels in the horror genre. Not just for the tense feeling of isolation and growing madness that The Overlook hotel creates on Jack Torrance but the directorial perfection that is Kubrick’s personal touch; where he would effectively exhaust the actors to get the adequate scream of real fear.

The architectural maze that is the hotel, along with the Danny’s hallucinations and the emptiness of space that was intended for so many people creates a pièce de résistance for scenography and set design. The way an area could evoke the feeling of desperation and trauma without it being its main purpose, e.g. Haunted House, Cementery, etc., is astonishing to experience. Whilst other movies have installed fear in me, by situational shrieks or gore, only this movie has scared me so much as to avoid every set of identical twin girls with matching outfit I see in my life.


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