Boy Wonder

When I sat down to watch this film, I was not sure what to expect. There were mixed reviews and its description captured my attention but didn’t blow me away. This is a  debut film by director Micheal Morrisey; about a young man from Brooklyn who witnesses the death of his mother at a young age and becomes obsessed with finding the killer. The cast are relatively unknown though their talent is evident; Caleb Steinmeyer take the lead as Sean Donovan, Zulay Henao plays a newly transferred detective Teresa Ames, and Bill Sage plays Sean’s father Terry Donovan.

This film explores the realm of vigilantism, but is more than a simple concept of vengeance. It is about a young man who reaches the point where he has had enough of those who have hurt him and others; and feels there is nowhere else to turn. The protagonist has qualities which are commonly associated with the “hero” type, while being mild-mannered and good-natured on the surface he is also; resilient, determined and has the ability to focus and strengthen his body and mind beyond that of a normal person. Steinmeyer has a confident and commanding presence with a dark edge to him throughout the film. Even though this film is an intelligent thriller there are well choreographed fight scenes for the action lovers.

Beautifully shot and extremely well cast with an intriguing story; the positives far outweigh the negatives. You can forgive at time the dialogue could flow better and some scenes lag. Morrison has produced an engaging, interesting and entertaining film about a tortured youth making his way in the world. This is an instant classic independent film and can definitely hold its own in the big leagues.


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