Note From the Editor

The term independent has many connotations; in most respects it is a positive notion signifying freedom, self-reliance and self-sufficiency. Independent thinkers provide new perspectives and are not obliged to abide their concepts to correspond to any political or financial influences. We trust independent bodies to scrutinize those who we have entrusted with power. Nations who do not have independence fight for it and for some of those who have received it become defined by it. It would seem no matter the context independence is a valuable commodity.

This is not so true in the world of film; though independent films make up a huge array of our favourites (whether we know it or not) the stigma seems to be that of a negative one. Looking at the defining factors of what makes an independent film illustrates this point, they are:


  • Has to be made outside of the established studio system
  • Little known Director
  • Shoestring budget
  • Unconventional plots/characters
  • Usually attract small audiences
  • Little access to prime distribution


All of these points seemingly have negative implications the last two especially; but the first four points I think can actually equate to an amazing film. These restrictions force those involved to be innovative and adapt to make use of all of the limited resources they have. They cannot rely on special effects, cameos, amazing location or fancy props; they have to rely on hard work and talent. This is where real original talent can shine break through performances can be made. I am sick of the eye cancer inducing filth like Jack and Jill polluting our screens… and the budget for that monstrosity… $80 million. I understand all Sandler is trying to do is make us for our worries for 90 minutes; I just wish he would do that by be funny and not destroying the brain cells that we have all come to love.


There is another world out there, with interesting, realistic and beautifully portrayed films. They have class and character they are unusual and charismatic, they will make you think and stay with you long after you have seen them. They have what the big hitters have lost; excitement, charm and a timeless quality, they are the classics we will remember years.



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