Note from the Editor

As we approach the credits of the 2011 show, a recap of its colourful events seems a worthy end. A mass of shocking headlines and world developments filled our phone hacking newspapers and totally unbiased news channels. For those in the terrorist or dictatorship business it was not a good year. To be frank it was not a good year for virtually all businesses, especially those based in Italy, Greece or ones called Curry’s and JD Sports based in and around London.

In a not so strange correlation the world of film also had its number of peaks and troughs. Though a few pictures helped retain an already dwindling faith in the California studios; most were definitely and clearly not up to par. Suicide inducing films like Age of Dragons and Season of the Witch were thankfully counted by films such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Warrior. Unfortunately the volume of horrifically terrible far outweighed the brilliant; innovation took a backseat to redundant sequels, clichés; and plot lines more familiar than those Christmas songs we are bombarded by each year.

So in recognition of the varied standards achieved Rabbit Awards have been allocated! Traditional categories are accompanied by some newer more specific ones. In reflection of the quality this year has produced accolades of merit as well as shame has been presented. Understandably there are slightly few more in the latter category; the perpetration of crimes against film cannot be forgiven! Equally those who have championed moving photography have also received their honours.

Check out the blog for all past articles and pieces from this year, as well as new material uploaded directly to it, find it at the I hope everyone has a truly awesome Christmas; eat, drink, enjoy your time with the family, study, and be grateful for all you receive. Be good and have a wicked new year.

Take care film lovers, catch you next year!


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