Review: Disturbia

Words by Edward Keeling

I imagine University students when asked about what constitutes horror paint a picture resembling something out of the Saw franchise, psychological torture and physical pain that makes them recoil in fright. However if you are of a more delicate nature or do not enjoy the genre horror per se, what is there for you? Disturbia is a film which ticks these boxes. Shia LaBeouf portrays the lead role of Kale Brecht a 17 year old boy put under house arrest for ‘popping’ his Spanish teacher. Imagine that? Boredom personified. What is there to do other than spy on your neighbours? Kale’s observational skills becoming like a sixth sense, in similar likeness to a blind mans hearing becoming more acute. As the film develops Kale becomes engaged in scenarios which range from the funny and romantic with the hot neighbour Ashley (Sarah Roemer) to the dark and gruesome nature of his encounters with the serial killer Mr Turner (David Morse) i.e. something for everyone. However don’t get me wrong, this film is far from a classic. It has critiques that would not be linked to world renowned films of any genre. Disturbia’s plot feels fairly predictable in its attempts to uncover the real persona of Mr Turner whilst the atmosphere clearly changes to an everyday, ‘seen a thousand times before’, horror film two/thirds of the way in. Nevertheless although certainly not in the same league as Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’ it is certainly worth a watch. Disturbia is a film that is never dull and highly recommended on my list in the family horror category, especially as the girlfriend cannot stand the rated 18 horrors!


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