Top 10 horror films of 2011

Words by Greg Bailey

Insidious: This is an exciting story about a family trying to rescue their son from a spiritual world after he falls in to a coma. Expect occurrences more paranormal than the recent utterings escaping from Kelly Rowland’s vast facial orifice. Demons, mediums, ghost hunters, sinister entities and strange worlds collide to form this entertaining and thrilling film.

Stake land: First off this was released in 2010 but it’s definitely worth a mention. This is a real vamp flick, no sparkly son of lurch, pale face or wolf boy to be seen anywhere. This is a fully blown post-apocalyptic survival saga; it’s intricate, ferocious and thought provoking. There are no big names yet it is the acting is faultless, the script is top notch and the production is first class.

The Innkeepers: Two employees at the Yankee Pedlar Inn set out to reveal its ghostly past in its last few remaining days when a few old clients book in a final visit. Here the director Ti West focuses deeply on character development, so things on the paranormal front take a little while come. This is not a bad thing though as the characters are interesting and entertaining. This film will keep you guessing and though it’s not perfect it is worthwhile watch.

[Rec] ²: This is the sequel to the very good (and better) [Rec] which is a must see if you haven’t already. Its fast paced jump-filled movie; from the perspective of a swat team investigating sealed off building. They very quickly find themselves being pursued by mindless murderous zombie type creatures, think the X factor contestants with blood lust. This film makes you ask yourself a lot of questions and keeps you guessing throughout; this is layered with all the frightening elements for the first film while remaining to stay fresh. There is a lack of character development but that is countered with lots of gore and terror…this is definitely a Hollywood sequel then.

I Spit of your Grave: A writer decides to take a break from the city and stay in a cabin retreat; totally unaware of the savage attack that will occur during her trip. Left for dead she bides her time before she returns for revenge to inflict the tortuous horror that was so inflicted upon her. This film is brutal, violent and sat times quite shocking. You will not forget this film in a hurry…

Fright Night: A remake of the 1985 classic, and an exceptional one at that. With an amazing star cast and opening scenes of a family massacre this is a very effective and memorable film. This remake has been thoroughly modernised with Farrell making a convincing and menacing vampire. This movie is thrilling and suspenseful and our own David Tenant makes and appearance as ex-magician now vampire killer which is worth a look just for this reason! Definitely a scary and somewhat fun horror flick!

Scream 4: I was unsure if this was to make the list, but seeing as this was better than the absolutely horrible Scream 3; I figured it was worth a mention. Wes Craven does what he knows best a scary slasher story. Though this one is a bit more clever; it’s a great reintroduction to the franchise with really strong opening scenes, it kind of sags in the middle, but then who wouldn’t be a bit saggy in the middle after sitting around for ten years? All is forgiven with a gutsy suspenseful ending. I would definitely recommend this for a anyone looking for a scary night in.

I Saw The Devil: As any horror buff will know the East have a talent for making horror, and this one is on a different level. Ultra-violent and literally horrific, this film travels to dark places and drags you there right with it. When a secret agent’s pregnant fiancé becomes the latest victim of a serial killer the lines of good and evil are distorted in his quest for vengeance. Its realistic brutality will make you uncomfortable and give you a glimpse of the madness that anyone is capable of. This film is brilliant in every sense, acting, script, production and stunning cinematography. A must see for any horror lovers.

Attack the Block: I was surprised to see this classed as horror, I find it more action, but then it does have monsters that eat people so I see their logic! Its British (therefore evidently under budgeted) but I think it works really well. A group or ‘rudeboys’ save the world from alien monsters…believe it or not it is actually quite good! The cast do their jobs and are convincing in their roles and I found the script funny and charming. If the effects were better this could have been an amazing film, that being said it was completely entertaining and if you want to see an easy to watch comedy/action/slightly horror this is the one for you!

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil: This is pretty much a comedy/horror, some liken it to Shaun of the Dead, and they are mistaken. Think more severance but less scary! It turns the horror genre on its head and is basically a funny take on the stereotypical horror film. I found it very funny and I found it to be the redneck version of Zombieland without the Zombies. Hilarious.


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