Singin in the rain

Words by Katie Roostan


Singing in the Rain is one of those timeless classics, featuring dance numbers so intense that actors were apparently hospitalized after performing them; it’s safe to say I have never seen moves like it.

Gene Kelly heads up the MGM musical as Don Lockwood, the devilishly handsome hollywood film star and, along with his partner in crime Cosmo Brown (Donald O’Conner), leads the way through silent films and into the era of talking pictures. But not without a few hiccups along the way in the form of Kathy Seldon (Debbie Reynolds), the dancer who steals Don’s heart and Lina Lamont, the silent film actress with the horrific voice.


With tributes from shows such as Glee and Britain’s Got Talent, this film has obviously made an impact on viewers of all ages. Singing in the Rain is a feel good, uplifting film and it’s impossible to feel down after watching it.


2 thoughts on “Singin in the rain

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