Note from the Editor

As we find ourselves in the wake of the most ghoulish day of the year, I see fit to dedicate this issue to the genre of film which so greatly inspires our choice of costume for this spooky night. It is not coincidental that at this time of the year we become audience to a fresh batch of sleep depriving motion pictures. The days seem shorter, the nights darker, the silhouettes of leafless trees dance in the prominent moonlight. The air is bitter cold and the wind thrashes harshly as its wailing and moaning resonates around us. This is would seem; like the perfect time for the big screen to play host to the ritual slaughter of unsuspecting victims. There has been a great number of paranoia inducing titles we are lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to witness. The horror genre itself like the monsters it so frequently depicts seems to be growing stronger as well as never dying. Variety is rife; you can scare yourself silly in which every manner that seizes your interest. Film makers understand that some of us like to be scared by the features they put out; we enjoy the concoction of adrenaline, fear and suspense that thrills us, the quickening of the heart beat the goose bumps…the sudden jumps! It resembles that of a roller-coaster for the senses, delivering us to peaks and troughs enjoying the ride whilst simultaneously dreading it. I have compiled a list of ten recent releases; there is a range that caters to those who would try to pet a werewolf if they should every happen across one to those who still sleep with the light on. Some will amuse you, some will disgust you and others will cause terror beyond comprehension. Pick one from the list, turn off the lights, barricade the door and as the saying goes…“Be afraid, be very afraid!”



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