Note from the Editor

Sometimes we just need a fresh start, an escape from the jaded monotony that has become the habitual routine. When the formation of a new idea, concept or view takes hold it arises with an exciting sheen of freshness and innovation. It is a massive opportunity to start generating momentum in the direction we see fit. The combination of a clean slate, excitement and optimism are powerful allies in the journey for accomplishment of any current undertaking. In the beginning everything seems so clear, so straight forward. The goals and objectives are set and the path to them is projected before you.

It is while voyaging along our excursion that we tend to lose sight of our original aims. Whether this happens to be due to; unforeseen circumstances, continued difficulties or a change in attitude or thinking. Occasionally it is good to have a look at what inspired you on your path in the first place. To reignite the fire that fuelled your decision to want to achieve the aspirations you saw worthy of your name.

In the world of film this feat is accomplished by looking at the Golden Era of cinema. This was the period where technical advances were taking place, and there was an array of massively talented stars. An air of positivity and enthusiasm engulfed all those in its ever evolving wake. Creativity and originality were rife, these were exciting ground breaking times. Moving pictures of subtly and class were being produced; they contained real messages and explored previously unfamiliar territory, mostly with amazing unforgettable results.

In this issue we will look at those who have inspired many a generation, whose stories are so good they refuse to lay dormant in the archives of time. Their influences and references are everywhere and have helped shape our recent biggest stars. Whether you know it or not you have been witness to numerous hidden tributes to the peerless greats of that golden age, now it is time you found out why…


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