The Motor Cycle Diaries

Words by G.Bailey

This film is the journey around South America which was taken by Ermesto Guevara before he became the heroic legend that is Che Guevara. This takes place in the 1950s and Ernesto is accompanied by his Biochemist friend Alberto Granado. This feature focuses on the change that occurred within Guevara for him to become the man shaped the history for many in the states of South America and made the leaders of the U.S. drop a load in their pants. He was a fascinating, thoughtful, honest and good young man with only one year of studies left before he became a doctor, then it all changed.

Many encounters of suffering and injustice are met along the road which clearly has an effect on Guevara. The transition from carefree traveller to the epiphany of him becoming a figure to help the people is beautifully executed. The lead actor Gael Garcia Bernal (Guevara) and supporting role of Rodrigo De La Serna (Granado) were simply perfection. Amazing script, funny, witty constantly engaging this is an underrated masterpiece about a man destined to become someone of great magnitude. You cannot help but fall in love with the young Che and Alberto, two amazing people on a journey that changed the world. This is a powerful story of a soulful, heartfelt and impassioned young man on the brink greatness. This film should not be missed, if you have a brain with more than two functional cells you owe it to yourself and to Che to see it.


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