Note from the Editor

Why do we behave in the manner we do? What are the processes that occur inside of us which steer our urges and cause them to transpire? What rules does our subconscious abide by in the formulation of a desired act? Are we born with these rules or do we learn them? Where do these rules come from? The rules I’m talking about are morals and they seem to be in short supply of recent times. MPs, rioters, bankers, newspapers, celebrities, so called friends and even whole studios themselves have been revealed to have little to no morals. This disregard of ethics still usually shocks and angers us even now with all that has occurred. Ironically it’s the stories which contain the exploitation of morals that intrigue and excite us. Antiheros breaking the rules were pardoned for saving the day and here immorality is glamorised and accepted. This is because they used to represent an escape from reality, which was fun for the moment but is increasing becoming the norm. The real world is starting to become dangerously merged with that ridiculous make believe one formulated on the hills with the big white writing. On the big screen a perfectly choreographed shoot out can look stunning, thrilling even artistic (The Matrix), but would anyone really and honestly like to be standing in the middle of a violent gun fight watching the slaughter of everyone around them? Fraud, corruption, links to war, violence, paedophilia and theft; no, not the latest Hollywood film but the acts of the studios themselves. Though it sounds pretty outrageous it seems life is imitating art and Hollywood is becoming the monster that is so often portrayed by them themselves.




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