Moral decline of Hollywood

Words by David Ramos

Has Hollywood suffered a moral decline in recent years? Such actors like Paul Bettany have expressed their distaste in the current situation of laziness in today’s film industry. In an interview with the Guardian he said “I loathe the movie business. I love making films but loathe the business.” What Bettany means by this is that Hollywood has basically become more about the highest grossing film rather than producing timeless classics. He goes on to say “Films were so much better in the past” unlike today where most successful films are pushed into becoming trilogies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ for example. He goes on to explain the reason for choosing more independent films is that as an actor he has more control over those films rather than the ones churned out by Hollywood. Furthermore A-list actors such as Mickey Rourke have been previously linked to the film company owned by the son’s of Colonel Gaddafi known as ‘Natural Selection.’ It has been revealed that Mickey Rourke was planning on playing the lead role in a film called ‘The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer.’ Furthermore Susan Surandon’s daughter Eva Amurri was also set to star in another ‘Natural Selection’ produced film known as ‘Isolation.’ This calls into question the morality of actors who knew of the situation in Libya and yet still took on such roles that had such deep rooting in Gaddafi’s personal life.


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