Shark Night 3D

Words by Lewis Butler

I like Sharks. I am also more of a nocturnal person, so the title’s grabbed me. The Director is also the same director of the legendary Snakes on a Plane, so I’m thinking this film may be pretty funny at least. Though it is advertised with reference to two of his other films, Final Destination 2 and The Final Destination, it is here that, well it really plays out in the same way as those two films and less like Snakes on a Plane. The build up gets just a little tedious, especially for a film I went into expecting to see Sharks stalk and kill a group of happy-go-lucky generic college goers, that does happen, several times, but unlike the masterful shark thriller that is Jaws, the sharks here aren’t exactly the bad guys, well it’s debatable. Also it’s got an annoying end where nothing actually ends.



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