Cosmo Jarvis

Words by Greg Bailey

Cosmo Jarvis is a very talented 22 year old song writer, music and film maker. Born Harrison Cosmo Kirkoryan Jarvis to an Armenian/American mother and British father in New Jersey moved to Devon as a child. Cosmo is better known for his musical talents, having released two albums and performing alongside acts such as Muse, Gym Class Heroes and The Hollow Ways. He even has the man with a thousand encyclopaedias for a brain, Stephen Fry, as a fan posting his links through Twitter account and mentioning Cosmo’s work on QI. However I will focus on his vastly eclectic array of films.

There are over 65 of them! Which is impressive especially as this was done while making over 100 songs! That almost equals the number of underage mothers at any one time on a  high street in Kent.  This reflects Cosmo’s industrious and enthusiastic nature. These are short films ranging on average two – six minutes. Do not be fooled though hours will evade you like chavs avoiding contraception. Some of the more familiar titles are The Alleyway, Domestic Dan, Bait Locate and Confiscate, and my one of my favourites Marmite from the Cosmo Challenge range on Inspiration seems to come from everywhere; films, music, people, places , dreams and plain objects, then he takes this seeming boring everyday monotony and adds his very unique Cosmo spin. He is in his experimentation stage of film making with a hugely impressive collection of different characters and scenarios. It seems Cosmo explores every crazy concept that he generates. His films range from; what looks like him and friends just having a laugh; to serious and thought provoking; to abstract strange and a bit mental but also subjective and fresh. There really is something for everyone; personally I loved the unpredictability of his films. Though some of them have a very amateur feel there is sometimes immense detail clever and touches that do what I believe films should do and transport you to another world without you realising it. His pieces are made by just him and his camera and willing friends with the most basic of props. I would love to see what he could achieve with a bigger budget. Cosmo is a very sophisticated story teller who brings an interesting perspective on the most mundane objects. He is enthusiastic, unique and intuitive a massive talent and future star so get online and check out his work!


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