Words by David Ramos

Colombiana is story of a revenge driven women named Cataleya (Zoe Saldana) who escapes Colombia and her parents murderers to start a new life in America with her Grandmother and her Uncle who is a well-known and powerful crime lord. From her uncle she learns how to become an assassin and through his guidance leads a double life. On the one hand she calls herself Jennifer and has a boyfriend, on the other she takes ‘jobs’ from her uncle who uses her skills to kill mob bosses and other criminals. At each killing she draws a Cataleya flower on the deceased body in the hopes that it will smoke out the drug lord who killed her parents. A surprisingly exciting film filled with different twists and turns. Every time you expect the film to take one direction, it takes another. Zoe Saldana’s performance creates the perfect anti-hero. At first you think she has a set of morals or a code to go by when in reality she will do anything for revenge going as far as threatening to kill a police officer’s entire family if he doesn’t reveal the location of the drug lord she seeks.


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