Review: The Guard

Words by Greg Bailey


“Unorthodox Irish policeman teamed up with uptight FBI agent.” A personality clash film about drug smugglers in the land of Guinness. With a familiar formula, (Lethal Weapon-esk) can this film really stand out from its vast number of counterparts? Simply, yes. Brendan Glesson as Boyle has a commanding presence throughout the film.

Its script was written by John M Mcdonagh brother of Martin McDonagh who wrote and directed In Bruges, which Glesson also stars. So be ready for a fantastic wordplay and stinging punch lines delivered with effortless precision. Don Cheadle plays the FBI agent with talent we know him to be and Mark strong is the no nonsense slightly philosophical British gangster. With the clever humour ranging from subtle, to in your face to cringe worthy, you almost forget your dealing with a by the numbers cops and robbers scenario. This is a understated, funny high quality film, Gleeson delivering a masterful performance. Definitely a must see.


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