Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Words by Mitchell Perry

Fans of the original films may think that this is a remake of ‘Conquest of the planet of the apes’ however, this revamp loses the complex time travel concept and bases it as a series of chronological events which are easier to follow and simple to understand meaning people new to the series will be able to follow the plot. In the film Franco and Lithgow give superb performances as a moving father-son relationship but are overshadowed by the simian star, portrayed by Andy Serkis, who after playing King Kong it’s easy to see why his ape-like movements in this film are believable and emotive. His performance is then in turn enhanced by the CGI creating a brilliant character in the monkey revolutionary; Caeser. This movie contains some brilliant, well directed fight sequences culminating in an action packed finale. Well worth seeing.


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