Review: Hara Kiri

Words by Lewis Butler

Takashi Miike , known for his bloodlust, has now began in his most recent films, such as the samurai epic 13 Assassins, to show some restraint in terms of bloodletting.  For his new film, Hara Kiri, Miike looks at Kobayashi’s film (1962), of the same title, as well as the original literary source by Yasuhiko Takiguchi. The film tells the story of a Ronin petitioning a clan lord to commit ritual suicide out of desperation, due to the poverty samurais faced after the fall of the shoguns. Like most of Miike’s films though this is a tale of revenge, I won’t spoil the twist for you, but I can tell you with Miike as director and restraining himself in terms of violence, the film will look amazing and have a dramatic pace. Koji Yakusho returns though this time he’s playing the evil lord, unlike 13 Assasins. Hara Kiri is being shown at the BFI film festival in October 16th and 17th.


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