Actor Focus

Words by Frances Rimmer

Who knew Mila Kunis before 2010? This fresh face in Hollywood moved to America from the Ukrainian SSR at the age of seven, unable to speak a word of English. Her acting career began just two years later with a part in a Barbie commercial. She played a variety of small roles in both film and television, finding her first step on the path to stardom in 1998, when she was cast as Jackie in the popular sitcom, “That 70’s Show”. From then, she progressed as an actress, becoming the voice of Meg in “Family Guy” and gaining more significant roles, such as her supporting role alongside Jason Segel in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. Kunis received frequent positive reviews on her performances from then on, for her roles in “Extracts”, with Ben Affleck and Jason Bateman, “The Book Of Eli” and “Date Night”. The world came to know her name in 2010 with her role in “Black Swan”, starring opposite Natalie Portman as carefree Lily, and since then she has gained widespread fame. With “Friends With Benefits”, in which she co-stars with Justin Timberlake, making $6.8 million on its opening day, Mila Kunis is clearly on the rise, and a face to look out for.

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