Hello world!

Hello Tinterweb!!

Here we are beginning a new year at uni, for some a whole new experience. We have a new government, and a few new JD Sports front windows. We are surrounded by constantly evolving situations, though there is one entity that refuses to adapt and progress.
It seems Dolly isn’t the only famous clone nowadays. Hollywood: big budgets, arrays of stars and awesome effects, yet it still resembles a production line controlled by an army of deranged hamsters. Hollywood’s sole purpose is to overthrow mankind through destroying our brain cells by feeding us this visual dysentery.  Reboots, prequels and sequels, Final Destination 5, Die Hard 5, Spy Kids 4, Scream 4, thoroughly going where they have been before. Though few have been executed beautifully; Batman: The Dark Knight, Xmen and Star Trek should be left to bask in their glory and saturation of this band wagon is a breaking point. With many familiar titles on the horizon one must ask, how much of this recycled convergence of misguided rubbish can Hollywood sell us? And when will we stop buying it? Hope is out there with directors like Pedro Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In and David Schwimmer’s (yes the one from friends) Trust. It is also a big world with massive talent on our European doorstep with such gems from our German friends such as Run Lola Run and The Lives of Others; and across the waters to our South American cousins with The Motorcycle Diaries. With a plethora of spectacular cinematic talent across the globe, life beyond Hollywood doesn’t seem so bad.


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. The Film section is online! welcome to all things film! there will be all the regular features you see in the rabbit plus lots more!! Trailers, news, reviews, articles, trivia will be the main supplements peppered with fun, facts and everything else that can be considered FILM!!

    Enjoy film fans!!

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